Frequently Asked Questions

Questions before ordering? Check here first!

You can use our FAQ page to answer questions commonly asked about our business and services. This is a great place to alleviate your concerns. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then contact us.

Q If I feel uncomfortable ordering from this website, is there another way to place an order?
A If you feel uncomfortable ordering on our website, and would like to order from our eBay store, or directly through PayPal, please contact us, and we can set that up. If the item is not listed on our eBay store that you see on our website, we can have it put on there for ordering. We can also list the item on our Amazon store.


Q If I am an international (Non-USA) customer, am I responsible for customs, duties, fees, or taxes?
A International customers are responsible for paying any customs, duties, fees, or taxes on their end of delivery. The shipping price paid does not include any of these fees. If you are unsure about this, please find out with your local customs department or mail carrier before ordering.


Q Do you accept credit card company issued gift cards?
A We accept credit card company issued gift cards.

Q Do you ship internationally?
A Yes. We will also ship to Military Post and Post Office Boxes, but only in the United States. We use the USPS for shipping.
Q Do you sell wholesale to other businesses?
A No, we do not do any business to business wholesale at this time. We may in the future. It will involve more licensing, and we are not setup for that yet. Retail keeps us busy enough at this time. We are strictly a retailer as of now. If anything changes, we will post it on the website, and here. If you are a regular customer and wish to buy in large quantity on an item, we will give you a discount. Contact us for pricing.

Q How long do you guarantee your products before they can be returned?
A We offer a 10 day satisfaction guarantee on qualifying*** products as long as you return the product in the same condition as which it was purchased with the original packaging materials. We will not take back an item that has had the plastic removed by the customer, or worn apparel. See our returns and exchanges page for more detailed information. Keep in mind, we are not responsible for damage during shipping. If you would like insurance on your order, contact us when your order is placed. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs on returned items, and may incur a restocking fee as well. To return an item, please fill in the form at the link below. 
Full Details on Returns And Exchanges

Q How does the band get paid for the item I am purchasing?
A When you purchase from us, you are contributing to the respective band. The price we pay for these items from the manufacturers who have a license to produce these items, already includes a percentage which is for the band. These manufacturers pay royalties to the respective band for being able to produce the merchandise. To sum it up, the price gets passed along to you the customer, which includes the percentage of which the band receives. You are doing your part to help this band make money in order to keep producing the extraordinary music that they do. It is like a chain where we make money for the bands, they make money for us and the respective merchandisers, you the customer help out the band, and get some incredible merchandise in the process. The respective bands and us thank you for your support.
Q What forms of payment are we accepting at this time?
We accept U.S. currency only in the following forms. We are accepting: Cash (in U.S. Dollars ONLY), U.S. Money Orders, U.S. residents only Personal Checks, (which we will hold until the check clears), and Cashier's Checks. We are also accepting credit cards at this time. When sending cash, send at your own risk, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. Also keep it well concealed when sending and get a tracking number. We are not accepting C.O.D.s at this time. We also accept payments by Amazon. We do not prefer checks as a last resort personal checks due to clearing time, and problems with bank fees, and wait time for them to clear holding up the order, but will accept if that is all the customer can use. If you have questions on any of this contact our Customer Service Department here:

Q I went to add an item to the shopping cart, and it said "sorry this product is unavailable at this time." What does this mean?
A This means we have run out of stock on this particular item. If you get this, and you really want to purchase the item badly enough, e-mail us, and we will let you know when we will have some on stock. If you get the unavailable message, don't worry we will have some back in stock as soon as possible, and we apologize. We would also appreciate an e-mail letting us know it's out of stock, in case we aren't aware. That way we can get working on getting it in stock as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation on this. E-mail us concerning this here:

Q What types of materials will my order be packaged in when delivered?
A All non-poster items will be sent in either bubble mailer envelope packages, or cardboard boxes. If cardboard boxes are used, the boxes will be packed with bubble plastic to prevent damage when shipping. Size will determine the material used. Posters will be sent in poster tubes to prevent damage when shipped. We hold no responsibility for cracked cases during shipping, as we can assure that we will ship them in factory condition.

Q Will my credit card be charged as soon as I place an order, or when my ordered import items arrive?
A No, your credit card will not be charged as soon as your order is placed after clicking the submit button, unless using an automatic payment method such as PayPal. Our website automatically and instantly verifies a credit card purchase through our integrated shopping cart with a pending authorization. We then manually process your card when your order is ready for processing. Credit card orders through direct credit card processing through the shopping cart are authorized when placed. There is a 7 day authorization time for us to charge the credit card. If it goes past the 7 days without being charged, the authorization expires, and we can no longer charge the card. If it gets to that point, we will contact you for arranging payment for the order, such as reordering with same or different card, or choosing another payment type. Once the credit card is processed, the order will begin processing. This happens after we get your ordered items in stock, if not in stock when placed. If not all items are in stock, it will be shipped as soon available for shipment, or you can cancel the rest of the order, or we may cancel out of stock items if it takes over 30 days to get in stock. Also, if the items are no longer available, we will cancel that portion. You will not be charged for items that will not ship on the order. We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering. Thank you.

Q What shipping methods do you offer to customers at RMU?
A We offer USPS First Class or Priority Mail. We will be expanding soon. You will be given a choice when you checkout. Priority Mail costs slightly more than First Class Mail, as it is a guaranteed 2-3 days anywhere in the U.S. If your order is more than approximately 1 pound, then it may automatically make you get Priority Mail, as that is postal regulations. Our shopping cart is configured with the USPS server to estimate exact shipping cost from the USPS. International orders are automatically calculated based on weight and location from the U.S. This covers the cost of airmail overseas, and handling fees. The average order is under 2 pounds in weight. If you have any questions, contact us.

Q Will I have to wait on imported items to arrive before my order is sent if I order a mixed order with imports and domestic items that are in stock?
A That is based on the time frame in which the imported item is expected to come in. We will wait a few days to see how long the import item will take. We will make a decision at that point on whether or not to go ahead and ship part of the order then, or wait for the import to ship the whole order. You will be contacted by our shipping department at customer service to let you know when you can expect your order.

Q How secure is your credit card transfer and shopping cart?
A Our website uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption method to protect your data from third parties as it is transferred over the Internet. Your information information is safe with us! As an extra added precaution you can download the highest possible encryption for your browser to ensure an even greater safety when transferring information online.

Q I have a band or am a manager of a band(s) and would like to get my merchandise added to your store, what should I do?
A Thank you for your interest. Contact us, and we will get it set up for you. It is not a guarantee that we will get a deal done, but we will try our best to work out an arrangement with you. We will try to lead you to a company that can help you, if we can't. E-mail us with detailed information. Contact us directly to get things started at this e-mail:

Q I want to write out a personal check for payment, who do I make the check out to?
A As you will find on your receipt after going through the checkout process, and choosing to pay by mail via check, all personal checks and money orders are made out to exactly as it appears in the following:
Q How do I redeem my discount/coupon code?
A Enter the code on our shopping cart in the coupon code box.

Q Do you honor competitor's pricing from other retailers?
A Please contact us to see if your item qualifies and we will see if we can work with you to match the pricing.