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  Please read before ordering.

  Credit card orders through direct credit card processing through the shopping cart are authorized when placed. There is a 7 day authorization time for us to charge the credit card. If it goes past the 7 days without being charged, the authorization expires, and we can no longer charge the card. If it gets to that point, we will contact you for arranging payment for the order, such as reordering with same or different card, or choosing another payment type.
  In stock items normally ship within 1-3 business days.
Products that must be ordered normally ship within 1-2 weeks.
 We normally cancel back ordered items after 30 days, if the order has not been shipped. This is for credit card orders. Other payment types extend past 30 days until shipped, or if the customer chooses to cancel. The order would only be charged if the product is processing for credit card orders. Other automatic payments, the customer would be able to make another selection or choose to get a refund with a prepayment option, such as PayPal.
 You can contact us anytime to find out wait time for your order or product availability.