Underoath - Erase Me [Explicit Content] (CD Or Vinyl LP Album)

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New And Sealed.
Artist: Underoath
Label: Fearless Records
UPC: 888072046863
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/6/2018
Product ID: FEL441.2

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2018 release. The audacity to profess your true self is a virtue. Moreover, the transparency to outwardly proclaim a significant shift in the sentiment you once held so sacred is both courageous and compelling. It's a theme that underlines Underoath's new album ERASE ME, the band's much-awaited awaited eighth studio album, and first in a decade with their original line-up. The result is a deep, dark and defiant collection of tracks, and their boldest statement to date. Erase Me is not just an album, it is a defining moment for a band already held in such high esteem by both fans and their peers, delivering on the promise of music and visuals that pushes the boundaries of the genre.


1 It Has to Start Somewhere
2 Rapture
3 On My Teeth [Explicit]
4 Wake Me
5 Bloodlust
6 Sink with You
7 Ihateit [Explicit]
8 Hold Your Breath [Explicit]
9 No Frame
10 In Motion
11 I Gave Up