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Artist: Trapt
Label: Crash Collide Record
UPC: 654436072430
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/19/2016
Product ID: CHCE607243.2

Notes at time of release:

Trapt, known for their hits "Headstrong," "Still Frame," "Stand Up," "Who's Going Home With You Tonight" and "Bring It," have released "Human (Like The Rest Of Us) to radio stations across the United States. "Human (Like The Rest Of Us)" is one of TRAPT's most ambitious singles to date and will be the second single from their new album"DNA". "DNA" will feature last year's radio smash "Passenger" along with the new single Human (Like The Rest Of Us), "It's Over," "Tangled Up In You," along with other great songs and 4 acoustic bonus tracks on the deluxe version. Trapt has released 6 previous albums, which together have sold over 2.5 million records.


1 Intro
2 Human (Like the Rest of Us)
3 It's Over
4 Tangled Up in You
5 Changing Hands
6 Unforgiven
7 Passenger
8 Anchor
9 Not So Different
10 Castaway
11 Getting Even
12 Fallen Angel

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