Pearl Jam-Mike McCready-2018 Boston Show-Graded Card-RMU-9.0-MT-069440

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Pearl Jam-Mike McCready-2018 Boston Show-Graded Card-RMU-9.0-MT-069440


Trading Card Encased In Screwdown Display Case And Graded. Numbered 1230446.

Authentic, Official Licensed Trading Card From 2018 Boston Show

Officially Licensed

Ships With USPS

Features of our graded card slabs include:

1-Four Screwdown Holder (Long-Term Protection, Ultra Clear, Acid Free)
2-Card In Inner Plastic Sleeve In Holder
3-Player Information
4-Card Information - Manufacturer, Card Number, Set Type, Year Made
5-Four Sub-grades For Detailed Grading
6-Overall Grade
7-Grade Classification (MT) For MINT For Example
8-Database/Catalog Number
10-Rock Merch Universe Logo
11-Outer Plastic Sleeve To Prevent Scratches To Slab
12-Back Label To Show Grade Information On Back As Well
13-Color-coordinated card stock on top and bottom to improve look, pay respect to band/card colors.
14-Card stock on top and bottom helps lock screws in and keep them in place, as well as provide protection to card giving space in between card and holder to relieve pressure on card.
15-A perfect 10 grade gets a double star rating
16-Quarter Grades are given for a more detailed, precise grade on cards that fall in between a half and full grade number.
17-POP number is assigned on ticket for each card that we have graded for that card. For example P01 means that is the first card we have graded of this exact card. It does not mean there is one total. It means this is the first. P02 of the same card means it is the second one we have graded for this card. To find out the number of total cards graded in a POP report for that card we have graded, please contact us, and we will let you know. We did not add this feature until catalog number 1230179 and beyond.
18-Security Seal added for extra tamper proof protection. If removed, the word VOID will appear. The seal is serial numbered for database records. Holographic, multi-color, and changes image when held to light and view angle. This feature was added with catalog database number 1230245 and beyond, no ones before this number have a seal.

Please allow 1-2 weeks, if not in stock at the time of purchase