Operation: Mindcrime - The Key - 2017 - (Vinyl LP Album)

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Artist: Operation: Mindcrime
Label: Vinyl Eck
UPC: 4046661414714
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/21/2017
Product ID: VYEK94C.1

The Key is the debut album by progressive metal band Operation: Mindcrime. It is the first in a concept album trilogy on virtual currencies, internet banking and stock trading.


1 Choices
2 Burn
3 Re-Inventing the Future
4 Ready to Fly
5 Discussions in a Smoke Filled Room
6 Life or Death?
7 The Stranger
8 Hearing Voice
9 On Queue
10 An Ambush of Sadness
11 Kicking in the Door
12 The Fall

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