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These are removable decals that are suitable for windows, showers, mirrors, cars and more. These don't leave a sticky mess when removed, and have glowing colors and cling to any non-porous surface.

Application instructions:

1) Clean surface where decal is to be placed.
2) Re-wet surface with spray or damp cloth
3) Peel decal from backing and apply to wet area.
4) Gently squeegee and/or wipe excess water from decal to secure firmly.
Window Clings
Led Zeppelin - Armor Static Cling Window Decal
Led Zeppelin - Swan Song Window Decal
Megadeth - Goes To Hell Window Cling Sticker
Metallica - Sad But True Static Cling Window Decal
Metallica - Vertigo Static Cling Window Decal
Motley Crue - Cartoon Band Static Cling Window Decal
Motorhead - March Or Die Window Decal
Nickelback - FREE Clear Window Cling
Nirvana - Utero Static Cling Window Decal
Ozzy Osbourne - Pins Static Cling Window Decal
Silverchair - Frog Static Cling Clear Window Decal
Stone Temple Pilots - STP Static Cling Window Decal
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