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Various Artists - Trustkill Video Assault DVD
$ 12.99

Various Artists - Trustkill Video Assault DVD

Status: Normally ships within 2-9 business days, based on the last time this was ordered.
Part Number:  | 58
Barcode:  824953005895
Release Date: 2004-Nov-16
Notes: Volume 1, Bonus features.
Bonus footage of clips of Trustkill bands
from Hellfest 2002, New England Metalfest 2003, and Hellfest 2003.
Max Days On Backorder: 30

01. Roses Are Red “White And Gold”
02. Bleeding Through “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire”
03. Eighteen Visions “Waiting For The Heavens”
04. Most Precious Blood “The Great Red Shift”
05. Throwdown “Forever”
06. Nora “I Should’ve Sent Flowers”
07. Open Hand “Life As Is”
08. Hopesfall “The Bending”
09. Eighteen Visions “You Broke Like Glass”
10. Armsbendback “The Arms Of Automation”
11. Poison The Well “Botchla”
12. Bleeding Through “On Wings Of Lead”

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