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TRUSTcompany - Lonely Position Of Neutral CD *Enhanced*
$ 13.99
TRUSTcompany - Lonely Position Of Neutral CD *Enhanced*
Release Date: 2002/07/09
Manufacture Id: 493312GEF2
Stock on Hand: Not in stock, available for order
Normally ships within: 5 Days. (Based on the last time this item was ordered.)
The Maximum Days this item will remain on backorder is: 30
1. Downfall
2. Falling Apart
3. Hover
4. Running From Me
5. Slipping Away
6. Figure 8
7. The Fear
8. Deeper Into You
9. Drop To Zero
10. Finally
11. Take It All
Comments: (ENHANCED) Includes CD-Rom Video on Disc.
While most bands find their immediate success in middle America, struggling for slower acceptance on the jaded coasts, Trust Company were embraced across the board when they toured in sup-port of overnight sensations Puddle Of Mudd. Geffen Records President and Flip Records mastermind Jordan Schur, one of the pivotal players in the modern rock scene, is responsible for introducing America to the likes of Limp Bizkit, Puddle Of Mudd, Staind and Cold, and within hours of witnessing Trust Company in Los Angeles, he signed the band to Geffen Records. From the renegade riffs, reeling rhythms and spiraling vocals that define lead single “Downfall,” to the therapeutic lyrical highs and lows of “The Fear,” and leveling out with the searing rapture of “Take It All,” songs were Trust Company’s ticket out of Montgomery. Songs were the ticket, but there were still miles to travel in their transformation from hometown heroes to up-and-coming Geffen Records superstars. (Source - Universal Records)

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