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Tribute CDs
These don't contain any music from the artist, or include any of the artists, only an instrumental tribute by today's top instrumental artists. Check the item for full details. These make a great addition to any merch collection.

Here are some of the top selling CDs in our store, as well as new releases and pre-orders:



3 Doors Down - Various Tribute To 3 Doors Down CD
3 Doors Down - String Tribute CD
311 - String Quartet Tribute CD
A Perfect Circle - Tribute To Perfect Circle CD   
Atreyu - The String Quartet Tribute to Atreyu CD
Audioslave - String Tribute CD
Chevelle - In The Chamber: String Tribute CD
Coldplay - String Tribute CD
Disturbed - Are You Breathing: String Tribute CD
Godsmack - String Tribute CD
Evanescence - String Quartet Tribute CD
Incubus - String Tribute CD
Incubus - New Skin: String Tribute CD
Iron Maiden - String Tribute CD
Mudvayne - In The Chamber: String Tribute CD
Nirvana - Cocktail: String Tribute CD
Rage Against The Machine - Freedom: String Tribute CD
Sublime - LBC Lounge: String Tribute CD
The Cure - String Tribute CD
Tool - Tribute: Third Eye Open CD
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