ROCK Keychains
Rock keychains of your favorite band which make great collector's items, or to help you locate your keys. These are a must have for your rock collection.
Check back often for new keychains being added. We have different types of keychains, be sure to check them all out by the links below.


Here are our rubberized keychains:
Inventory list in progress
Blink 182 - Bunny 3D Rubber Keychain
Blink-182 - Bunny Keychain
Blink 182 - Smiley 3D Rubber Keychain
Falling In Reverse - Lips Keychain
Friday The 13th - Vinyl Figure KeyChain Jason Voorhees
Hulk - Vinyl Figure Key Chain - Thor Ragnarok
Limp Bizkit - Starfish Keychain
Limp Bizkit - Starfish Keychain -- $ 2.99
Linkin Park - 3-D Rubberized Logo Keychain
Nintendo - Controller Rubber Keychain
No Doubt - 3D Rubberized Keyfob
Pac-Man - Vinyl Figure Key Chain - Sealed Keychain
Rolling Stones - Tongue Rubber Keychain
SCREAM - Vinyl Figure - Keychain Ghost Face
Social Distortion - 3D Rubber Keychain
Spider-Man - Spidey Rubber Keychain
Star Wars - Darth Vader Rubber Keychain
Story Of The Year - Cobra 3D Rubberized Keychain
Super Mario - Nintendo Rubber Keychain
Superman - Rubber Logo Keychain
System Of A Down - 3D Rubber Star Rubber Keychain
THOR - Vinyl Figure - Key Chain - Sealed Keychain - Ultron Marvel
Thor - Vinyl Figure Key Chain - Thor Ragnarok
Wonder Woman - 3D Rubber W Logo Keychain