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ROCK Keychains
Rock keychains of your favorite band which make great collector's items, or to help you locate your keys. These are a must have for your rock collection.
Check back often for new keychains being added. We have different types of keychains, be sure to check them all out by the links below.


Here are some of the top selling keychains in our store:
  MushroomHead - Face Logo Double-Sided Keychain
-MushroomHead - Keychain     
The Black Dahlia Murder - Pewter Keychain
Avenged Sevenfold - Metal Bat Keychain
Evanescence - Photo Lucite Keychain
Breaking Benjamin - Album Lucite Keychain
The Mars Volta - Logo Lucite Keychain
Killswitch Engage - Skull Lucite Keychain
Tool - Pewter Logo Keychain
Audioslave - Album Lucite Keychain
A Perfect Circle - Slug Lucite Keychain
Cold - Embroidered Spider Keyfob Keychain
Good Charlotte - Embroidered Logo Keyfob Keychain
Stone Temple Pilots - Embroidered Logo Keyfob Keychain
Korn - Metal Oval Logo Keychain
Godsmack - Skull Artwork Lucite Keychain
Metallica - Double-Sided Lucite Keychain
Good Charlotte - Riot Girl Logo Lucite Keychain
Spineshank - Double-Sided Lucite Keychain
Deftones - Embroidered Pony Keyfob Keychain
Incubus - Embroidered Logo Keyfob Keychain
Tool - Oval Logo Keyfob Keychain
Weezer - Embroidered Logo Keyfob Keychain
Sevendust - Group Logo Lucite Keychain
Creed - Crest Logo Lucite Keychain
Deftones - Pony Logo Lucite Keychain
Disturbed - The Sickness Lucite Keychain
Godsmack - Scorpion Lucite Keychain
Incubus - Logo Lucite Keychain
Linkin Park - Collage Lucite Keychain
Sublime - Logo Lucite Keychain