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Norma Jean - Redeemer CD
$ 14.99

Norma Jean - Redeemer CD

Status: Normally ships within 1-6 business days, based on the last time this was ordered.
This item is a pre-order if ordered before 9-12-06
Part Number:  | 63560
Barcode:  094636356020
Release Date: 2006-Sep-12
Notes: Third CD by Norma Jean, which should raise them to another level in the underground metal world.
Produced by Ross Robinson (At The Drive-in, From First To Last, Sepultura)
Max Days On Backorder: 30

01. A Grand Scene For A Color Film
02. Blueprints For Future Homes
03. A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest
04. A Temperamental Widower
05. The End Of All Things Will Be Televised
06. Songs Sound Much Sadder
07. The Longest Lasting Statement
08. Amnesty Please
09. Like Swimming Circles
10. Cemetery Like A Stage
11. No Passenger : No Parasite

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