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Nonpoint - Development CD *Enhanced*
Nonpoint - Development CD *Enhanced*
Release Date: 06/25/02

Normally ships within: 1-9 Business Days. (Based on the last time this item was ordered.)
The Maximum Days this item will remain on backorder is: 30
Label: Universal/MCA
1. Development
2. Circles
3. Your Signs
4. Normal Days
5. My Own Sake
6. Hands
7. Excessive Reaction
8. Mountains
9. Any Advice?
10. Hide And Seek
11. Get Inside
12. Mint
Features the track Circles from the Nascar On Fox Compilation CD, and the smash hit, Your Signs
---Reviewer: Ryan, Nonpoint Network
From: New Jersey
Rating: 11/10
E-mail Address: NJHardcore72@aol.com
--Bursting onto the rock scene in 2000 with there inpressive majour lable debute "Statement", nonpoint gained a extreamly large fan base playing along such bands as Mudvayne, Fuel, Sevendust, Taproot, Drowning Pool, and even a spot on the 2001 Ozzfest. There fan base only becam larger in June or 2002 when there sophmore album "Development" was released. The album began flying off record stands everywhere and rightfully so. "Develepment" is a bit softer than the bands previous releases but is most definatly better. It opens up with a bang. The first track on CD is proably the albums heaviest song with it being the title track. Songs like "Your Signs" and "In Circles" show the bands heavy and melodic type music. But those three track are certainly not the only good, or should i say great, songs on the album. The record is full of catchy choruses, edgy gutar rifs, scortching and also smoothe vocals, and heart filled lyrics. Nonpoint have definatly taken many steps forward with the release of "Development". They have improved 100%. As it has been said before, if you are looking for another "Statement" this is not it. "Development" has a completly different sound than the bands past 3 releases. It is softer, way better, and much improved. Any past or present fan of metal/hard rock, or nonpoint for that matter, will most definatly love this album. It is a must for any rock fan. On a 10 star rating, I give "Development" an 11!

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