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Nirvana - Nirvana CD (Australian Import) *Bonus Track*

Nirvana - Nirvana CD (Australian Import) *Bonus Track*

Part Number:  | C2757366
Barcode:  606949352325
Release Date: 2002-Oct-31
Label: David Geffen/Sub Pop Records
Notes: Includes a bonus track titled "Where Did You Sleep last Night"
and the previously unreleased "You Know You're Right"
Max Days On Backorder: 30

  01. You Know You're Right (Previously Unreleased)
  02. About A Girl
  03. Been A Son
  04. Sliver
  05. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  06. Come As You Are
  07. Lithium
  08. In Bloom
  09. Heart Shaped Box
  10. Pennyroyal Tea
  11. Rape Me
  12. Dumb
  13. All Apologies
  14. Man Who Sold The World
  15. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Bonus Track)

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