Tool - 10,000 Days Logo Metal Keychain
ROCK Keychains
Rock keychains of your favorite band which make great collector's items, or to help you locate your keys. These are a must have for your rock collection.
Check back often for new keychains being added. We have different types of keychains, be sure to check them all out by the links below.


Here are our rubberized keychains:
Inventory list in progress
KISS - Army Logo Metal Keychain  - $9.99  - $7.99
311 - Logo Metal Keychain
311 - Logo Metal Bottle Opener Keychain
A Perfect Circle - Metal Keychain
AC/DC - Band Photo Metal Keychain
AC/DC - Metal Logo Keychain
Aerosmith - Wings Logo Pewter Keychain
Audioslave - Pewter Flame Keychain
Avenged Sevenfold - Deathcrest Keychain
Avenged Sevenfold - Metal Bat Keychain
Black Label Society - Bottle Opener
Black Label Society - Hammer Metal Keychain
Black Label Society - Skull Metal Keychain
Black Sabbath - Flame Circle Keychain
Black Sabbath - Wavy Logo Keychain 
Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal Keychain
Bullet For My Valentine - Logo Metal Keychain
Chimaira - Pewter Logo Keychain
Clutch - Logo Pewter Keychain
Deftones - Bottle Opener Keychain
Deftones - Pewter Logo Keychain
DevilDriver - Cross Bottle Opener Keychain
Disturbed - Face Bottle Opener Keychain
Disturbed - Pewter Face Keychain
Drowning Pool - Pewter Logo Keychain
Fall Out Boy - Metal Keychain
 Five Finger Death Punch - Brass Knuckle Metal Keychain 
Five Finger Death Punch - Knucklehead Metal Keychain
Goo Goo Dolls - Metal Keychain
Green Day - Metal Logo Keychain
Guns N Roses - Bullet Metal Keychain
Guns N Roses - Appetite Cross Keychain
Guns N Roses - Bullet Logo Keychain
Hed P.E. - Crossbones Metal Keychain
HIM - Pewter Heartagram Keychain
Ill Nino - Logo Pewter Keychain [UK Import]
In Flames - Face Pewter Keychain
Incubus - Blue Glitter Pewter Keychain
Iron Maiden - Metal Logo Keychain
Jimi Hendrix - Playing Guitar Keychain
Jimi Hendrix - Metal Guitar Flower Keychain
KISS - Army Logo Metal Keychain
Korn - Metal Oval Logo Keychain
Korn - Totality Logo Metal Keychain
Kottonmouth Kings - Bottle Opener Keychain
Kottonmouth Kings - Double-Sided Metal Keychain
Led Zeppelin - Zep I Metal Keychain -- $ 9.99 -- $ 6.99
Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love Metal Keychain -- $ 9.99 -- $ 6.99
Led Zeppelin - US77 Tour Metal Keychain -- $ 9.99 -- $ 6.99
Limp Bizkit - Enamel Pewter Keychain
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Metal Logo Keychain
Marilyn Manson - Double Cross Pewter Keychain
Metallica - M Logo Bottle Opener Keychain
Motley Crue - Red White And Crue Metal Keychain
Nirvana - Smiley Metal Keychain
Orgy - Logo Metal Keychain
Ozzy Osbourne - Bottle Opener Keychain
Ozzy Osbourne - Color Filled Metal Keychain
Ozzy Osbourne - Crown Metal Keychain
Ozzy Osbourne - Guitar Pick Keychain
Pantera - Logo Pewter Keychain
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Pewter Keychain
Pink Floyd - Hammers Logo Keychain
Pink Floyd - The Wall Logo Keychain
Rage Against The Machine - Logo Pewter Keychain [UK Import]
Rage Against The Machine - Pewter Logo Keychain
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bottle Opener Keychain
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bottle Opener Keychain
Rob Zombie - Coffin Pewter Keychain
Rolling Stones - Tongue Metal Keychain
Rush - Metal Logo Keychain
Scorpions - Metal Logo Keychain
Scorpions - Bottle Opener Keychain
Senses Fail - Skull And Crossbones Metal Keychain
Slayer - Iron Cross Metal Keychain
Slayer - Swords Logo Metal Keychain
Slipknot - Black Logo Keychain
Slipknot - Black Metal Emblem Keychain
Slipknot - Bottle Opener Keychain
Slipknot - Bottle Opener Keychain
Slipknot - Pewter S Logo Keychain
Slipknot - Red Logo Metal Keychain

Staind - Pewter Metal Logo Keychain

Stone Sour - Bottle Opener Keychain
Sublime - Pewter Logo Keychain
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Metal Keychain
The Black Crowes - With Jimmy Page Bottle Opener Keychain
The Black Crowes - With Jimmy Page Bottle Opener Keychain
The Black Dahlia Murder - Pewter Keychain
The Word Alive - Carbiner Keychain
Three Days Grace - Metal Keychain
Tool - 10,000 Days Logo Metal Keychain
Tool - Pewter Pill Keychain
Tool - Pewter Logo Keychain
Trivium - Metal Logo Keychain
Van Halen - EVH Guitar Keychain
ZZ Top - Circle Logo Keychain
ZZ Top - Twin Zees Logo Keychain
NCAA - Auburn Tigers - Keychain - Pewter
NCAA - Louisiana State University - Keychain - Pewter
NFL - Carolina Panters - Keychain - Pewter
NFL - Chicago Bears - Keychain - Pewter
NFL Dallas Cowboys Leather Keyfob Keychain
NFL Green Bay Packers Leather Keyfob Keychain
NFL - New England Patriots - Keychain - Pewter
NFL - New Orleans Saints - Keychain - Pewter
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Keyfob Keychain