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Memphis May Fire - Challenger CD Or Vinyl LP Album
Memphis May Fire - Challenger CD Or Vinyl LP Album
Status: Normally ships within 2-9 business days, based on the last time this was ordered.
Part Number: | CD 700410
Barcode: 850537004107
Release Date: 2012-06-26
Label: RIS
Notes: MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have redefined themselves. With their new full length "Challenger" the band ventures into Post-Hardcore Southern Rock with no reservations. Combined with an incredible work ethic and tour schedule they received an offer on the entire 2012 Warped Tour. With the opportunity to take their explosive live show in front of their largest audience yet, the band entered the studio with Cameron Mizell at Chango Studios. It hits hard, blasting cutting riffs, while singer Matty Mullins delivers infectious hooks. The band has exceeded the expectations set by their previous records.
Max Days On Backorder: 30

1. Without Walls
2. Alive In The Lights
3. Prove Me Right
4. Red In Tooth & Claw
5. Vices
6. Legacy
7. Miles Away (feat. Kellin Quinn)
8. Jezebel
9. Losing Sight (feat. Danny Worsnop)
10. Generation: Hate
11. Vessels

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