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Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black And White CD

Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black And White CD

Status: Normally ships within 1-5 business days. Available for order.
Part Number:  | 220
Release Date: 2004-Jun-08
Label: Victory
Notes: Hawthorne Heights recorded "The Silence In Black And White" over four weeks in Madison, WI at Smart Studios and in Chicago, IL at Big Gold Studios with Dan Duszynski in February and March of 2004. "The recording process this time around was an experience within itself. We got to take our time and experiment a lot more than we’ve been used to in the past. Sonically, this record is such a step up from anything else we’ve done. We are very proud of the finished product", commented Eron Bucciarelli (drums). "The Silence In
Black And White" contains songs of frustration, personal growth and evolution. Musically, it tests the limitations of the "post-hardcore" and "screamo" music genres, adding deeper and darker subtleties.
Max Days On Backorder: 30

01. Life On Standby
02. Dissolve And Decay
03. Niki FM
04. The Transition
05. Blue Burns Orange
06. Silver Bullet
07. Screenwriting An Apology
08. Ohio Is For Lovers
09. Wake Up Call
10. Sandpaper And Silk
11. Speeding Up The Octaves

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