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Unearth - III: In The Eyes Of Fire CD

Unearth - III: In The Eyes Of Fire CD

Status: Normally ships within 1-6 business days, based on the last time this was ordered.
Part Number:  | 14574
Barcode:  039841457421
Release Date: 2006-Aug-08
Notes: The most anticipated independent metal release of the Summer - Ozzfest 2006/Non-Rotating second stage co-headliner - Produced & Recorded by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Pantera, Deftones)
Max Days On Backorder: 30

  01. This Glorious Nightmare
  02. Giles
  03. March Of The Mutes
  04. Sancity Of Brothers
  05. The Devil Has Risen
  06. This Time Was Mine
  07. Unstoppable
  08. So It Goes
  09. Imposters Kingdom
  10. Bled Dry
  11. Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos

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