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Our Contact Page is a list of basic contact information like our important company divisions, such as Customer Service or Technical Support. Due to the amount of e-mails we receive on a daily basis, please allow time for a reply. We will usually reply within 24 hours of your e-mail. When checking on the status of an order, please have your order information ready. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please do not submit your e-mails to several different e-mail divisions. Choose the correct one that is closest to your question. Sending e-mails to several different departments may cause confusion.
If we are away on LIVE CHAT, leave a message, and we will get back with you as soon as possible, thank you.  If you leave a message on LIVE CHAT, you should receive a reply within 2-12 hours, sometimes longer, especially on weekends or holidays.
Please make sure you do not have a spam filter or similar on your e-mail to allow our e-mail replies to be received by you.
Please provide your billing and shipping last names, and Order ID number if contacting about an order.
By Chat (My Live Chat):


Get immediate help if online at the time. If offline, leave a message, and you should receive a reply within 2-12 hours, sometimes longer, especially on weekends or holidays.
By Email (Order Status): Click Here For Order Status

Go to the link above to check on the status of your order.

By Email (Billing Concerns): customerservice@rockmerchuniverse.com

Please do not go through another company, such as a credit card company to resolve a billing concern. Please contact us, and we will get it worked out for you.

By Email (Customer Service): customerservice@rockmerchuniverse.com
By Email (Webmaster/Tech Support): webmaster@rockmerchuniverse.com

Report broken links or shopping cart errors, etc.
By Email (Management): contact@rockmerchuniverse.com
By Email (Order Feedback): feedback@rockmerchuniverse.com
By Email (Requests): requests@rockmerchuniverse.com
By Phone (Not Toll-Free):  985 640 4124

Monday Through Friday
10 AM - 4 PM Central Standard Time
Customer Service Phone Closed Holidays And Weekends

By Twitter (Messages):
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