Slayer - Black Slash Clock

These are shipped in collector edition boxes with band artwork, and are made of plastic, and some glass.
Here is the list of our wall clocks, which are available upon request, otherwise coming soon:
**To request a "coming soon" clock, contact our request department, and let us know what item you want to see added, and want to purchase. We will e-mail you when it gets added.


AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip Wall Clock


AC/DC - Die Cut Logo Clock


AC/DC - Distressed Logo Clock


Alice In Chains - Twin Bell Alarm Clock


CKY - Amber Face Wall Clock


Disturbed - Band Pose Round Wall Clock


Eminem - Logo Round Wall Clock
 Good Charlotte - Wall Clock


HIM - Twin Bell Alarm Clock


Insane Clown Posse - Alarm Clock


Insane Clown Posse - Hatchetman Glass Clock


Korn - Red Logo Wall Clock


Led Zeppelin - Twin Bell Alarm Clock


Linkin Park - Logo Round Wall Clock


Metallica - Ninja Logo Round Wall Clock


Misfits - Logo Round Wall Clock


Misfits - Face Shaped Round Wall Clock


Mudvayne - Flames Round Wall Clock


Orange County Choppers - OCC Round Wall Clock


Orange County Choppers - Winged Glass Wall Clock   (Die Cut Glass)


Ramones - Presidential Logo Round Wall Clock


Rolling Stones - Tongue Logo Round Wall Clock


Slayer - Black Slash Clock


Social Distortion - Skellie Wall Clock


Sublime - Leaf Round Wall Clock


Sublime - Glass Tattooed Back Wall Clock


The Mars Volta - Logo Clock


Tool - Sand Castle Logo Round Wall Clock